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Project Manager

Learn the seven competencies of project integration: Project Charter, Project Management Plan…

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Python Developer

Learn to create powerful yet user-friendly computer applications and websites using the Python programming language.

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Front End Developer

Learn to create interactive websites with state-of-the-art programming languages, tools, and frameworks used by 99% of …

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Prompt Engineer

Learn to design, develop, and maintain intelligent conversational systems using cutting-edge AI technologies, such as Dialogflow…

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Mobile Developer

Learn to design, develop, test, and publish apps for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.      

192 Lessons 148 Hours Learn more
Java Developer SE 9

Learn to develop Java-based software functions and services with industry-leading tools and frameworks used by …

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DevOps Engineer

Learn to connect traditional I/T (servers in a closet) and digital technology (iPhones, apps, cloud).

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Cloud Engineer AWS

Learn to set up, maintain, and enhance cloud-computing infrastructure for internet applications deployed on AWS platforms.

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Security Specialist

Learn to identify cyber threats and security holes in networks and computer systems and define standards…

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.Net MVC Developer

Learn to build software using the languages and technologies of the Microsoft .NET MVC framework.

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Windows Network Engineer

Learn to set up and maintain Microsoft Windows computer networks within an organization or between organizations.

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Azure Cloud Engineer

Learn to build and manage systems, databases, and networks for the cloud using Microsoft’s Azure platform.

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Help Desk Engineer

Learn to provide technical assistance and support to computer system users. Answer queries about hardware, software and …

339 Lessons 240 Hours Learn more