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Connect traditional I/T (servers in a closet) and digital technology (iPhones, apps, cloud). Deploy software and bridge the gap between operations and software development. DevOps Engineer is one of the hottest new developer jobs in the market today.

  • 4 month
  • 5hr/week
  • 123 lessons
  • 86 hours

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Course Overview

Mission Forecast for DevOps Engineer

$77 000 - $143 000
Average salary of a DevOps Engineer -
Job satisfaction for a DevOps Engineer -
The #1 most recruited job in 2020 - 2021 - LinkedIn Report
“The 33 most recruited jobs”

Landing Zone

DevOps Engineers are in high demand as this field of software engineering grows steadily. New tools and platforms for DevOps are coming into the market, and companies are looking for engineers who understand and can support these processes. Some of the largest corporations in the world use agile and DevOps, including IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, and AT&T. lists 43,000 openings for DevOps Engineers. The demand for DevOps Engineers is expected to grow 24% by 2026.

Mission Objective (Who’s Hiring Right Now)

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DevOps Engineer

The adoption of the DevOps model for software development and management has grown steadily in the past five years and is picking up momentum. Giants in all sectors, from NASA to Target, and Hertz to Netflix employ DevOps Engineers for their systems.

  • + Estimated 4 month
  • + 5hr/week Self-paced
  • + 123 On-Demand Lessons
  • + 86 Hours Learning Materials
  • + Certificate of completion
  • + Real-life Virtual Lab Project
  • Integrate siloed pieces of software engineering.
  • Code scripts to customize and patch software.
  • Monitor the performance of software applications.
  • Improve the security of software for end-users.
  • Connect code, databases, and software to function efficiently.
  • Maintain documentation of digital software projects.

Prepare for Liftoff

DevOps Engineer

Learn the processes and tools of DevOps Engineering, including the packaging and deployment of applications, cloud configuration and management, and the management of source code libraries. Support Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) models of software development.

Train to help software development teams streamline their development and implementation methods while increasing application security and reliability for end-users. Work with product managers, engineers, and department heads to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

Chart Your Trajectory (123 videos 40 hours)

  • DevOps Essentials
    8 videos
    • DevOps Essentials, Part 1 of 2: Fundamentals
      4 videos
    • DevOps Essentials, Part 2 of 2: Monitoring and Tools
      4 videos
  • Docker for DevOps
    25 videos
    • Docker for DevOps, Part 1 of 6: Get Started with Docker
      4 videos
    • Docker for DevOps, Part 2 of 6: First Docker App
      5 videos
    • Docker for DevOps, Part 3 of 6: Staging Server
      4 videos
    • Docker for DevOps, Part 4 of 6: systemd
      3 videos
    • Docker for DevOps, Part 5 of 6: Create Production Server
      6 videos
    • Docker for DevOps, Part 6 of 6: Backups and Upgrades
      3 videos
  • Docker Certified Associates
    35 videos
    • Docker Certified Associate, Part 1 of 8: Get Started with Docker
      5 videos
    • Docker Certified Associate, Part 2 of 8: Image Creation
      5 videos
    • Docker Certified Associate, Part 3 of 8: Networking
      2 videos
    • Docker Certified Associate, Part 4 of 8: Orchestration
      8 videos
    • Docker Certified Associate, Part 5 of 8: Docker EE
      4 videos
    • Docker Certified Associate, Part 6 of 8: Security
      5 videos
    • Docker Certified Associate, Part 7 of 8: Storage and Volume
      3 videos
    • Docker Certified Associate, Part 8 of 8: Exam Preparation
      3 videos
  • Chef
    20 videos
    • Chef, part 1 of 6: Intro and Setup
      5 videos
    • Chef, part 2 of 6: Chef Client and Ohai
      3 videos
    • Chef, part 3 of 6: Templates and Resources
      3 videos
    • Chef, part 4 of 6: Chef Server and Supermarket
      2 videos
    • Chef, part 5 of 6: Managing Nodes and Roles
      3 videos
    • Chef, part 6 of 6: Environments and Data Bags
      4 videos
  • Jenkins
    35 videos
    • Jenkins, Part 1 of 7: Install and Configure
      4 videos
    • Jenkins, Part 2 of 7: Docker and AWS
      5 videos
    • Jenkins, Part 3 of 7: Ansible
      5 videos
    • Jenkins, Part 4 of 7: Security and Jobs
      4 videos
    • Jenkins, Part 5 of 7: Maven and GIT
      3 videos
    • Jenkins, Part 6 of 7: DSL and Pipelines
      6 videos
    • Jenkins, Part 7 of 7: Put it All Together
      8 videos
DevOps Engineer

Mission Control

  • Stay on course with mentor support
  • Build your portfolio with immersive Virtual Lab projects
  • See your scores and compete with others in the Dashboard
  • Measure progress in the Activity Tracking Log
  • Make the perfect landing with resume help and interview prep

In Collaboration with

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Real-life Projects in Virtual Lab

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DevOps Engineering Project


Imagine you have just been hired by Simco Financial Services, Inc., to join their DevOps team. The Director of the Marketing Department has commissioned a project for the software team to develop a solution that will enable the Financial Market...

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DevOps Project (Medium)


To test and expand your DevOps skills, this project requires you to use the Docker container development platform to create a WordPress blog site and employ the Ansible IT Automation Platform to monitor the performance of the WordPress site.