4 Surprise Tech Careers for Business Majors

4 Surprise Tech Careers for Business Majors

A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration is a highly valuable education because it prepares you for a multi-faceted career. Virtually every industry needs business-savvy people to balance the technically oriented workforce. At the end of the day, almost every enterprise you will encounter in this world is some sort of business that operates according to the laws of economics.

The Information Technology sector is no different. While popular media may picture people employed in IT as technology-crazed introverts with tape on their glasses, the truth is that strong business skills are every bit as important as tech skills. Below are just four of an array of careers in the tech industry that are open to business majors.

And note that many of these jobs target remote workers. Tech jobs are prime candidates for work-from-home and other remote arrangements. Much of the focus of the IT industry today is on enabling other workers to operate remotely. Many companies are hiring only remote workers in 2022. So, if you are a business major with a goal to build a career in the lucrative and exciting technology sector and a desire to clip the tether to the traditional office, one of the jobs described below may be just what you are looking for.

#1 – Security Specialist

The role of an information security specialist is to safeguard an organization's computer systems and networks. This role involves acting as the gatekeeper for the company's information system and helping to maintain the reputation of the company as a whole. Duties include:

  • Securing networks by identifying weaknesses
  • Establishing security protocols and systems and planning their implementation
  • Reacting to cyberattacks and breaches
  • Making new systems easier to use by training users

You can succeed in this role if you enjoy understanding how things work, you think ahead, and you thrive on challenges.

#2 – Java Developer and Python Developer

No career may seem more technical than software development using programming languages like Java and Python. Java and Python developers run the full gamut of the development process, from determining the requirements of the users, to designing the program, writing the code, testing the app, and deploying it. All of these tasks may sound highly technical, but in fact, they are often a mix of technical knowledge and business acumen. 

For example, Robb Mead, head of marketing at Gnatta, says taking into account monetization when creating a product can mean the difference between building a wonderful product with no penetration and building a lasting, successful business. To create an outstanding product requires a team that understands both technology and business. As a business major, you already have the economic and marketing understanding to create a winning product. Add a dash of technical training in Java or Python development, and you have the recipe for success.

#3 – Project Manager

You may have a good sense of the role of a project manager if you have worked on a large project with several stakeholders. Many business courses involve teamwork to create a presentation or a case study. The person who led the team performed the role of a typical project manager. In this role, project managers ensure that all deadlines and goals are met during the course of the project. They interact with the product managers and other stakeholders to determine the needs, give specific roles and tasks to team members, keep track of the progress, and facilitate communication regarding issues. Their primary purpose is to keep everyone informed about the project and to work toward a shared, clear goal.

If you can complete daily tasks while keeping a larger picture in mind, you'd fit well in this role. Project management may be your next career goal if you enjoy planning (and re-planning), managing competing priorities, and holding people accountable when necessary.

#4 – Front End Developer

Front End Developer is one of the very few jobs on the typical list of technology careers that does not require a Bachelor's degree to get started. Front end development consists of two distinct but interrelated activities:

  1. Front End Designers are responsible for designing the layout and feel of a website or mobile application.
  2. Front End Programmers write the code that presents the screens to the users, process the data, and handle requests. 

While employers generally like to hire people in these positions with college degrees, they are most interested in the technical skills of the individual. 

As a Front End Developer, you can easily combine your business abilities with some technical training to get your foot in the door in many companies. 

Additional Thoughts

The advent of the internet and the rapid growth of digital media has made it possible for businesses to be more productive than ever before. This has, in turn, changed the ways that companies do business, especially those that are technology-driven. A wide variety of "hidden" remote tech jobs are available for people with a Business degree and acquired technical skills. 
The key to your success in the tech industry is to add a technical specialty to your business understanding. Reach out to a career advisor at RemoteMode to learn how you can train for a high-demand remote technology career that capitalizes on your business education.

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