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Charles Miller

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Charles is an expert with more than 20 years of experience in e-learning project management, knows the market perfectly, can conduct a deep analysis of any areas of the IT sphere and give an expert assessment.

The Evolution of Front End Development

The internet is seemingly everywhere and does everything. The internet today is not just a place to look up information and browse libraries.

How to Job Hunt in the World of Remote Work

While the pandemic now meanders through the ups and downs of more or less virulent variants, the remote work job market continues strong with no signs of abating.

“Don’t open this door unless there’s blood or fire!”

Being a working parent of children—especially young children—is always a challenge.

Training Is More Than Lectures

The COVID-19 pandemic generated a surprising phenomenon—when people were forced out of their previous occupations, many sought training in new fields and pivoted to new careers.

Building Your Social Media Network: Join the Professional Community

When Facebook exploded onto the internet stage, the world was introduced to the concept of social media.

What to Do When You Get a Job Offer

You began your online career retraining programming with one goal in mind—get a job.

4 Tips for Successful RemoteMode Virtual Lab Projects

Knowledge is not useful until it is applied. A skill atrophies if it is not used.

5 Tips to Avoid Work-from-Home Burnout

Working remotely—and especially working from home—is a trend that saw an enormous boost during the COVID-19 pandemic.