5 Best Career Path Options in the Tech Industry

5 Best Career Path Options in the Tech Industry

Information technology pervades virtually every aspect of modern life. With literally billions of computers, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and Internet of Things devices in the world, there has never been a greater demand for people with technology skills. Not only are technologists in high demand, they make some of the highest salaries of any workers. 

Computers and the internet have opened the door to flexibility for the American worker, and for none is this truer than for people who work in technology. More than 5 Million people in the US work remotely, and more than 50 percent of companies are hiring for remote jobs in 2021.

You may be thinking that’s great for bona fide computer geeks. But what about an average person like me? What about someone who doesn’t have a degree in computer science, or maybe no college degree at all? The good news is that the remote tech industry is ripe with opportunities for people with a variety of interests, talents, and strengths. Armed with the right skill set, people from all backgrounds can find a niche in the technology sector. Below are examples of just five of the many career paths you can follow to pivot from your current life to a new life full of perqs and flexibility.

#1 – Software Developer

Electronic gadgets are useless without the software that tells them what to do. Software Development is the engine driving the Digital Transformation that is sweeping the business world. From the massive database of the Library of Congress to the tiny silicon chip in your watch that knows when Daylight Savings Time ends, software is everywhere, and Software Developers are in great demand. 

Whether you learn to code in a mainstream business language like Java or a niche language like Python—whether you create applications for corporate servers, mobile devices, or game consoles—Software Development is an excellent career path with unlimited potential. With basic programming skills, you can get a job in a wide array of companies in the US offering entry-level salaries of $62K.

#2 – Database Developer/Administrator

If software is the engine of the Digital Transformation, data is the fuel. Database technology enables applications to store and retrieve information. Database Developers design and build efficient storage structures for information. Database Administrators oversee the operations of the database, fine-tune the storage and retrieval mechanisms, and ensure the data is backed up and secure. The roles are often intermixed in a single job. 

Relational Databases have been the workhorses of industry for decades, and Structured Query Language (SQL) is the way relational data is managed. Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server continue to vie for leadership in the database industry. Other database technologies, however, have risen to popularity in the last decade. These No-SQL databases are highly effective for certain types of non-structured data. 

Database Developer jobs are growing at a pace that matches Software Developers, and opportunities abound in 2021. An entry-level Database Developer/Administrator can look for starting salaries in the range of $39K to $81K.

#3 – Project Manager

Technology development is no longer the purview of hermits and extreme introverts. Development and management of technology is performed by project teams. Just like every sports team needs a coach to help the players work together to achieve victory, every project team needs a manager to help them work efficiently to meet project goals. 

Project managers define project objectives, scope, timeline, roles, and budget. Most importantly, a Project Manager communicates—with the team, the project sponsor, stakeholders, end users, and upper management. While solid technical skills are required of an effective Project Manager, strong communication and interpersonal skills are a premium. New Project Managers can expect the salary range to begin at about $50K.

#4 – Information Security Specialist

As companies have come to depend more and more on their digital systems and data to run their business, hackers have devised ever more clever means to steal valuable data and hold electronic systems hostage. The Information Security Specialists are like the valiant knights defending king and castle from the marauding pillagers. 

Also called Security Analysts, these skilled individuals monitor the company’s network, servers, and databases for unauthorized intrusion. They hunt down malware, phishing attacks, and Business Email Compromise and eliminate them. They design security protocols that block bad actors from entering the network. They also train company employees in how to spot and counter personal and business attacks. Because computer hacking is on the rise, so are positions for Information Security Specialists to stop the hackers. Entry-level salaries for Security Specialists start around $63K.

#5 – Computer Network Engineer

We’ve talked about the engine and the fuel of the Digital Transformation. The highway on which the juggernaut of business runs is the network. Network Engineers design, build, monitor, and maintain internal corporate networks that connect the company with the outside world of the internet. 

Network Engineering requires a unique set of skills that span hardware, software, security protocols, and digital communications. Networks are more than just wires and hubs. They include servers, gateways, routers, appliances, and software applications to configure and manage the components of the network. Network Engineering is a thriving mainstay of the IT sector. With starting salaries around $57K, these are much-sought-after positions.

Final Thoughts

This list is simply a few of the varied jobs and careers open to those who want to take advantage of the burgeoning business of remote tech work. The keys to landing one of these positions are skills and certifications. RemoteMode offers training and certifications in these and a dozen other career paths. Like the remote tech jobs themselves, you can train from home, at your own pace, according to your own schedule. Explore the training programs at RemoteMode, or contact a RemoteMode career counselor today to learn how quickly you can prepare for your life in the remote tech industry.

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