5 Best Tech Jobs to Work from Home

5 Best Tech Jobs to Work from Home

Unemployment for technical jobs is near an all-time low of 2% despite the fact that job openings in general are still struggling to recover. The tech job market is ripe for the picking, and many companies are hiring remote workers. While some companies will likely reduce the work-from-home option for employees as the pandemic loosens its grip, many in the tech industry will continue to favor remote workers. Such I/T giants as Cisco, Citrix, CroudStrike, and Jobot are projected to aggressively seek work-from-home employees.

Many jobs in the technology sector lend themselves to remote work environments. As long as you have a computer and a strong internet connection, tech jobs can be performed successfully from any location. Here are five of the best tech jobs you can do from home.

#1 – User Support Specialist

Also referred to as a Help Desk Technician, people in this role help frazzled computer users solve problems with hardware and software, walk them through system updates, troubleshoot network connection problems, and diagnose various technology and communications issues. A crucial skill in this area is the ability to translate computer jargon into a language the typical user understands. In this case, patience is not just a virtue, it is an essential prerequisite. If you like helping people solve problems, this may be your ideal job role. The average salary for this position in 2021 is $42,000, with a top-end range above $62,000.

#2 – Software Developer

Software comes in many flavors, and so do the people who write it. Java and Microsoft .Net are two very popular programming technologies. Python, while older than both Java and .Net, continues to be a favorite language among developers. Whether the deliverable is a game, a mobile app, or a back-office business system, software is at the heart of the Digital Revolution. While salaries for developers vary widely depending on the language and the person’s level of skill and experience, entry-level software development jobs typically start between $50,000 and $70,000 a year. 

#3 – Web Developer

The job of a Web Developer is very similar to a Software Developer, except that the Web Developer focuses on web sites. Also called Front-end Developers, these people specialize in internet browser technologies, such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and React. They often work in teams with back-end software developers to connect the front-end browser programs with databases and hardcore logic modules better suited to Java or .Net. Entry-level Front-end Development jobs start around $45,000.

#4 – Database Developer/Administrator

If software is the heart of the Digital Revolution, data its life blood. Databases are where data is stored, organized, and served up to applications. Database developers create the structure for storing data efficiently. They build the routines to keep the data “clean,” and they implement the security measures to protect the data from intrusion and disruption. The most popular business databases use the relational model and rely on Structured Query Language (SQL) to manipulate the data, but no-SQL databases are gaining in popularity for a variety of applications. The average salary of an experienced Database Developer in the US is $100,000.

#5 – Information Security Specialist

Think about the last time you ordered something online and the information you had to provide to the seller. You had to give them your address and credit card number—pieces of data cybercriminals are anxious to get their hands on to exploit for nefarious purposes, which could leave your bank account empty and your reputation permanently damaged. That is why the role of Information Security Specialist is growing significantly. People in this role test their company’s networks and infrastructure to ensure they can ward off cyberattacks. They implement countermeasures and minimize data loss or damage in the case of a successful breach. Information Security Specialists average between $80,000 and $100,000 a year.


While the above tech jobs are all high-demand remote work careers, they are not the only options. Engineers who specialized in Networking, Cloud, and DevOps are all in an excellent position to land high-paying, work-from-home jobs. If you are wondering what it would take to prepare yourself for one of these exciting careers with remote work options, contact a RemoteMode career counselor today to learn how quickly you can train to move into a remote tech career.

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