5 Remote Tech Jobs for Business Majors

5 Remote Tech Jobs for Business Majors

Traditional careers for a newly graduated Business Major include accounting, management consulting, social media management, and financial analysis. These are all valuable jobs that contribute to the success of a company and can create satisfying careers. But these are not necessarily the high-demand jobs in 2021, nor do they all lend themselves to remote work. The hot job tickets during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond are in the technology sector, and your Business degree, combined with specific training, positions you well to quickly land an exciting remote job with a competitive salary and excellent growth potential.

A college degree in Business prepares you to analyze data, determine financial impacts, write and communicate concisely, work in teams, make presentations, and lead others. You have skills in critical thinking and in gathering, organizing, and presenting data. You also have a global perspective and appreciation for diversity. What do these abilities have to do with getting a high-paying tech job? Plenty! You understand the inner workings of business, and Information Technology is all about making businesses more efficient and profitable. Add a companion technology skill to your hard-earned Business education, and you will be a rising star in the soaring remote tech job market.

Here are just a few of the best tech jobs open to Business majors with the right technical skills.

# 1 – Front-end Developer

If your business classes have taught you anything, they have taught you how people think about business, whether it’s how people shop, search, gather data, solve problems, propose ideas, communicate, or collaborate. Combined with the skills to put user interface designs into code, you can bring user experiences to life to enable people to accomplish their business goals—goals you totally understand and relate to.

# 2 – SQL Database Developer

The heart of a thriving business is information. Without good data, properly stored, accurately validated, and conveniently accessed, business decision-makers fly blind. As a Business Major, you know data. Add the skill to design, create, and manage a database, and you become a powerhouse asset to any company.

# 3 – Software Engineer

Don’t let the word “engineer” turn you off. Software Engineering has as much to do with understanding a business problem as it does knowing how to write code. As a software developer who can understand the lingo of business professionals, you can be phenomenally successful at using Information Technology to tackle complex business problems and earn yourself the reputation as the go-to person when the boss needs a quick solution.

# 4 – Security Specialist

Network and data security breaches paint the headlines almost daily. Phishing, smishing, vishing, Business Email Compromise, malware, ransomware—your business degree has exposed you to insights about these and other cybercrimes, and you know the losses a business can incur when it falls victim to an attack on its systems. Learn to be an “ethical hacker” and you can become an integral member of a company’s security team. 

# 5 – Help Desk Engineer

If the heart of a business is data, then the soul of the business is its customer service. A Help Desk Engineer who knows the inner workings of the company can provide support and assistance within the context of the business operations. With the right technical expertise to compliment your business acumen, you will be in position to enable internal users to accomplish their jobs and to help external customers and partners interact efficiently and effectively with your company.


Parlay your business school education into a challenging and satisfying tech career that lets you work remotely. Each of the careers described above is in high demand, pays well, and provides loads of opportunity for growth and advancement. And they all commonly allow you to work from home or any other location where you have electricity, a laptop, a phone, and the internet. Contact a RemoteMode career counselor today to learn how quickly you can add technical skills to your business degree to land the remote technical job of your dreams. 

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