Training Is More Than Lectures

Training Is More Than Lectures

Dashboard, Progress Tracker, and Gamification Increase Learning Effectiveness

The COVID-19 pandemic generated a surprising phenomenon—when people were forced out of their previous occupations, many sought training in new fields and pivoted to new careers. To comply with government mandates, many businesses scaled back drastically. Others simply closed their doors and never reopened. Large segments of the population were thrown out of work. 

While some turned their unemployment into an extended vacation, others took a hard look at their lives and their goals and decided to use the time and resources to make a change. 

Not every company scaled back. The IT sector, in particular, boomed. Responding to the urgent worldwide emphasis on information technology, IT companies couldn’t hire staff fast enough to keep up with demand. That trend continues even as the pandemic winds down. 

IT enterprises fared well also because knowledge work didn’t require the employees to be in a factory or tied to a desk. Most IT workers could be productive from anywhere as long as they had a computer, electricity, and an internet connection. With a cell phone and one of the many virtual meeting apps, remote tech employees could collaborate, meet, discuss, and interact nearly as seamlessly as being in an office together. Remote work is also a continuing trend.

So, with hungry companies looking for new employees and many people looking for new jobs, the situation couldn’t have been better for both sides. Except for one thing—tech jobs demand tech skills. Not every unemployed worker could qualify for the lucrative and high-demand jobs available.

RemoteMode’s extensive career preparation programs were poised at the beginning of the pandemic to fill the training gap. With many years of experience in training thousands of employees in companies around the world, we offered the perfect opportunity for people wanting to start new careers to get the training they needed in an online program that embodied safety and social distancing. Remote training is another trend that saw a boost during the pandemic but is not subsiding.

Our industry experts, who knew what to train, combined forces with our educational experts, who knew how to train, to develop RemoteMode’s unique remote training program.We employ the latest advances in educational research and training technologies to provide our students with an exceptional remote tech training experience. Below are just three examples of how we have infused our educational and technical know-how into highly effective training courses.


Dashboard is a RemoteMode student’s home page on steroids. This tool guides learners through their entire training and career preparation process. Enhancing RemoteMode’s step-by-step career training paths, Dashboard informs the learners of their current state of progress as they earn achievement badges and raise their skill ratings. Dashboard also advises them about the next steps for advancing toward certification and preparing for employment. 

Dashboard also provides students with lists of eBooks, research articles, and other resources available for download as they move through their studies and career preparation plan. These materials supplement the professionally produced online video courses that are the heart of the training, as well as provide valuable information for the Virtual Lab projects that the students complete as their hands-on capstone learning experience.

Progress Tracker

RemoteMode’s Activity Tracking Log makes it possible for students to compare their progress and compete against other students, track their status along their chosen career path, and see their achievements. The Activity Training Log allows students to see and measure their advancements through the training program. Learners can view not only their own progress but the comparable progress of other students on the same track. This ability to share and compare progress with others allows students to compete, further enhancing the gamification aspects of RemoteMode’s training model. 

The Activity Tracking Log also shows students their status on their selected career preparation path. RemoteMode’s team of education and industry experts have outlined career paths to develop people quickly and efficiently to launch new careers in a variety of enterprises. Through the Activity Tracking Log, students can see the steps they have completed, the step they are on, and the steps that still lie ahead of them. 

Rather than an inflexible regimen of coursework, RemoteMode’s program offers students a plethora of options to promote self-determination. At any point along the path, students can use the Activity Tracking Log to receive advice from career planning experts about appropriate next steps based on what they have already accomplished.


The concept of gamification has been around for more than a decade. Gamification applies elements of games to non-game tasks to increase interest and engagement through fun. To be honest, listening to a lecture, reading a textbook, and taking a test is not the average person’s idea of fun. Right? 

RemoteMode’s educational experts have added a number of gaming features to the already exceptional training program to bring a challenging and exciting learning experience to the students. Through Dashboard and the Activity Tracking Log, students take on new hurdles, earn credits, keep score, and challenge one another. 

The hands-on, real-life projects in RemoteMode’s Virtual Lab immerse participants in gaming elements, including role-playing and progressively difficult challenges for bigger rewards. The pinnacle of awards in RemoteMode’s program is an industry-recognized CompTIA certification. With a CompTIA certification, students not only rise to the top, they greatly increase their chances of interviews and job offers. After all, the ultimate goal of the training game is to get hired and start a new, real-life career.

Final thoughts

RemoteMode’s career preparation program offers a host of advantages besides Dashboard, Activity Tracking Log, and Gamification. Our full-cycle program includes expertly developed online instruction, immersive projects critiqued by working professionals, a personally assigned mentor, career counselors, assistance with creating an eye-catching CV, guidance in building a social media presence that gets results, and interview preparation and rehearsal.

Bundled with CompTIA certifications, RemoteMode’s training program can prepare you to start your remote tech career in just a few months. Contact a RemoteMode career advisor today to learn how quickly you can be ready to launch yourself into your new life.

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